OLDTOWN White Coffee


OLDTOWN bread & toasts are known for its hallmark crunch, aroma and fluffiness. Made fresh and delivered daily, our bread and toasts go best with traditional OLDTOWN kaya & pandan spreads.


Our relentless passion and dedication go into our noodles. This means pairing the best quality ingredients with hours of careful simmering. It’s no wonder every bowl is good to the last drop.


Comforting, familiar and reminds you of home? OLDTOWN Rice meals are thoughtfully created not only to fill the tummy but also warm your heart.

Build Your Own Nasi Lemak Just the way you like it!


Whether you’re craving for a satisfying meal or just wholesome and healthier options, you can have the best of both at OLDTOWN.


Kids get to eat what they want like adults at OLDTOWN! You’ll be happy to pick from our range of junior meals, packed with protein and nutrients for the growing years!


Take a break. Kopi Dulu, Makan Dulu. Enjoy local tea-time favourites like
curry puffs, spring rolls and fried wantans with your cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee or Teh Tarik.


At OLDTOWN, quality coffee beans of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica are sourced locally and blended with a recipe steeped in tradition and heritage to create that perfect cup of white coffee. Likewise, our black tea base recipe is infused in-house, for that perfect flavour to delight your senses. We make every cup, every sip and every step count.
This is how we Kopi Dulu.

OLDTOWN White Coffee

  • OLDTOWN White Coffee | 舊街場白咖啡
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee – Hazelnut | 舊街場白咖啡-榛果
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee – Gao | 舊街場白咖啡-特浓
  • OLDTOWN Nan Yang – C | 舊街場南洋-丝
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee – Cham | 舊街場白咖啡-掺
  • OLDTOWN Nan Yang – O | 舊街場南洋-乌
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee – Mocha | 舊街場白咖啡-摩卡

Specialty Coffee

  • White Coffee Latte | 拿铁白咖啡
  • OLDTOWN Americano | 舊街場美式咖啡
  • Crème Brulee White Coffee | 焦糖奶油白咖啡
  • Coconut Candy White Coffee Latte | 椰糖拿铁白咖啡
  • Double Enriched Chocolate | 双重特浓巧克力

OLDTOWN Coffee Freezy™

  • OLDTOWN White Coffee Signature Freezy™ | 舊街場白咖啡经典沙冰
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee Hazelnut Freezy™ | 舊街場白咖啡榛果沙冰
  • OLDTOWN White Coffee Mocha Freezy™ | 舊街場白咖啡摩卡沙冰


  • Black Tea | 红茶
  • OLDTOWN Teh Tarik | 舊街場拉茶
  • OLDTOWN Xi Mut® Milk Tea | 舊街場丝袜奶茶
  • OLDTOWN White Milk Tea | 舊街場白奶茶
  • Fresh Lemon Tea | 鲜柠檬茶
  • OLDTOWN Enriched Chocolate | 舊街場香浓巧克力

Tropical Coolers

  • Ginger Flower & Lychee Syrup | 姜花荔枝糖浆饮料
  • Pandan & Lime | 班兰桔子饮料
  • Lychee Syrup & Mint | 荔枝糖浆薄荷饮料
  • Fresh Cucumber & Sweet Honey | 清新黄瓜蜜糖饮料

Soya Milk

  • Soya Milk Cincau | 仙草豆奶
  • Soya Milk | 豆奶

Soft Drinks

  • Coca-Cola | 可口可乐
  • Sprite | 雪碧
  • Fanta Grape | 芬达葡萄


  • Lime Drink | 酸柑饮料
  • Orange Drink | 橙汁饮料
  • Honey Lemon Drink | 蜜糖柠檬
  • Air Mata Kucing | 龙眼饮料
  • Air Mata Kucing Cincau | 仙草龙眼饮料
  • Mineral Water | 矿泉水
  • Filtered Water | 过滤水

FREEZY™ & Smoothies

  • OLDTOWN Enriched Chocolate Freezy™ | 舊街場香浓巧克力沙冰
  • Red Bean Freezy™ | 红豆沙冰
  • Sweet Corn Smoothie | 甜玉米沙冰


  • Coca-Cola Float | 可口可乐浮雪
  • Fanta Grape Float | 芬达葡萄浮雪


Going meatless doesn’t need to be boring at OLDTOWN! We have some tasty meatless options for you!


Cool and refreshing servings to satisfy your sweet tooth.